Our Story

Loaves and Fishes catering began operation in 1995. Previous to this I was owner and chef of the Hard To Find Café in High St, Auckland. After 11 years of a 7 day-a-week restaurant I decided to begin a catering company, for a change of pace firstly, but also, after 11yrs of doing the same type of food (Mexican) I wanted the chance to cook a wider range of food styles.

The one thing that has always remained constant over my time in the food industry is my reputation for tasty, flavorsome food. I love making full use of the spices, herbs and fresh ingredients that are now so easily accessible, I really enjoy reinventing and expanding my menus with recipes from other ethnicities. As well, Vegetarians and those on special diets are always thrilled with the dishes that I prepare for them, I find being creative in this area fun and rewarding.

Presentation, garnishing and a good use of colour makes my food look really attractive when taken to the Buffet Table, serving time is certainly the fun time of the catering day!

As Loaves and Fishes Catering has expanded I have taken on a ‘right-hand woman’, Lisa Brown, who also shares my high standards and love for food taste, presentation and service. My other staff are available for assisting with waiting, bar work and service as the catering job requires.

I look forward to discussing your catering needs with you and making your special event stress-free and a great success, catering wise anyway!


Helen Merton

Owner Manager

The Loaves & Fishes Team


Helen Merton

Owner / Manager


Lisa Brown

Catering Operations Manager


Lynda Schmidt

Delivery and Front of House

Rachel Urlich

Kitchen Hand

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